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Yoga for Women

Virtual Sessions each Thursday 

Starting December 3, 2020 at 5pm

Yoga Helps us create spaces inside ourselves by removing unneeded waste. -Alicia B.  

I invite you to practice a gentle vinyasa flow class with Alicia Brodersohn Dance/Movement Therapist and 200hr YTR

We will cultivate a non-judgemental way to care for ourselves

Alicia Brodersohn MA

Dance and Movement Therapist, 200hr YTR

I follow Krishnamacharya lineage of yoga.  

He believed in an individualized practice in which the asanas (postures) are modified according to the individual.

-Alicia Brodersohn

Yoga Items for sessions

Items to consider having or purchasing:

Yoga blocks or use a book, Yoga mat, Tow​el, Yoga strap and blanket.

Props to be near by: a chair, and throw pillows.

Prior to the start 

of the session

Please wear comfortable clothes,

create a clear space for your session,

set up your electric device for streaming, stabilize streaming device,

bring a yoga mat, possible a towel, and bring a water bottle. Please sign the waiver above.  


Please remember to use an up to date web browser/App, mute your microphones when the sessions starts, turn off your camera if you choose

Ask Questions 

after the session

Alicia will be available after each session to answer questions.

Yoga Class Waiver 

Please Click the button below and fill out the waiver and then email it to

Service Prices

Compare our offers and find the best fit for you.

Pay Per Session


Per Session

drop in session

1 hr session

All Women

Pay for 4 Sessions at a time


for 4 sessions at a time 

Best Package Offer


1 hr session x 4

All  Wome​n

Coming Soon


Per recorded Session to Keep

1 hr session


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